100 Things About Billy Rhythm

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1) When I look at all I have, I want for nothing.
2) I still would like to have a couple of more drums.
3) I'm not overly concerned with my appearance.
4) When I was younger, I said "I don't want to do this like my parents did."
5) Now I say "My parents couldn't have been any better." If I can do it like they did, I'll be happy.
6) I'm a born again Christian on my way to Heaven, and have been since I was about 7.
7) I do way to many things that Christ wouldn't do.
8) The state I would most like to visit is Texas. They've got Lyle Lovett, Texas swing, ZZ Top, and BBQ.
9) Of all the people I love, I love my wife the most.
10) I picked my daughters name.
11) I thought I wanted a boy.
12) I was wrong!
13) My first car was a 1983 Chevy Citation.
14) I sold it and bought a 1982 Chevy Citation.
15) Although it was ugly, that '83 Citation holds a special place in my heart.
16) I like fire trucks, and hope to own an Ahrens Fox someday.
17) I like to read, but don't do it as often as I should.
18) If a vegetable can be found in a salad, I probably like it.
19) The Colonel's Original Recipe chicken is awesome!
20) I hate moving. I've done it twice, and have no plans to move anytime soon.
21) I like my job.
22) One word: Chocolate!
23) I get bored with the Internet after about two hours.
24) I love garlic and onions.
25) I drink my coffee black.
26) I am a good kisser.
27) I get migraines.
28) I have had surgery.
29) I have had a concussion so bad, I actually have amnesia. There's about a one day period that I remember nothing.
30) I know enough HTML to bold, underline, italicize, and link. Other than that, I steal code and use an editor.
31) I'm not that smart when it comes to computers.
32) No matter what my friends tell you, I am not a good drummer. I am barely an intermediate.
33) #32 is not because I'm humble. I'm realistic.
34) I never want to be without a pickup truck in the family.
35) I hope all my kids (if I ever have anymore) are as well behaved and fun as my Julia Valentine.
36) After all, I do like my wife's hair a little short.
37) I believe the Bible. That means I don't accept homosexuality, I believe that the husband will be responsible to God for his family, and I believe that God does not call women to be pastors.
38) I'm not worried that someone may find me close minded.
39) I dream regularly, and they are usually very strange.
40) The best way for a man to show his children that he loves them is to love their mother.
41) I don't think I can love Susan any more than I do.
42) Yet suprisingly, I lover her more and more all the time..
43) I own the first drum set I ever played.
44) I like poetry.
45) My own poetry can be pretty bad.
46) Most poetry on the 'net is downright awful!
47) A friend 20 years my senior gave me the nickname "Billy Rhythm." We were in a band together.
48) I have an older sister, and we have a lot in common.
49) I have a younger brother, and we have little in common.
50) My brother and I barely speak. He's got some stuff he needs to work out.
51) I'd like to have more kids, notably a boy. With the birth of twin boys Matthew and Nathaniel, I think I'm all set in the kid department.
52) If I have nothing but girls, that'd be ok too.
53) I was sexually abused by a teacher. I was 8.
54) I'm no worse off as a person--but I don't think it did me any good.
55) I haven't forgiven the man that did it to me. I should, but I can't. I have forgiven him, but I won't be asking him to babysit for me.
56) This is taking much longer than I thought.
57) I like Jazz.
58) I like Star Wars. "A New Hope" (episode IV) will always be "the first one" to me. It was also the best.
59) "Boxing Helena" was probably the worst movie I ever saw.
60) Boiled carrots will make me gag.
61) I am a bad speller, but I will never misspell chocolate or spaghetti again. I usually put two M's in "coming."
62) I type the phrase "The pledge of allegience" every week, and I never get it right! (See! I misspelled it here!)
63) I like to take naps on Sunday afternoons.
64) I use the turn signals in my vehicles. Even in parking lots. I wish everyone would.
65) My grandmother makes a beef stew that no one can re-create.
66) I am hoping to one day make a biscuit as good as my mother.
67) Lot's of these are about food, huh?
68) I have about 600 CDs.
69) I prefer vinyl records.
70) Edgar Allan Poe wrote some really good stuff. In fact, I once wrote a reader's theater piece on The Raven and The Masque of the Red Death. (The Raven piece was even done as a radio play.)
71) So did Richard Brautigan. Write really good stuff, that is.
72) I like the Discovery channel, FoodTV, History Channel, and HGTV.
73) I only cried at a movie once. It was "Wrestling Earnest Hemmingway."
74) Speaking of Hemingway, he wrote some fine stuff! I once wrote a poem about his work.
75) I've read Moby Dick.
76) As I write this, I'm quite sleepy.
77) I've been playing in the same band now for 10 years.
78) I don't care if I ever hear "Old Time Rock and Roll" again.
79) I carry a picture of my wife in my wallet. I've always had a picture of her in there since we started dating.
80) I'm a decent shot with a rifle.
81) My favorite color is purple.
82) I prefer using a pocket watch. Too bad you can't find a good one anymore.
83) I liked school.
84) I have a BA with a major in English.
85) I'm a registered Republican. I would vote for a Democrat, but haven't found one worthy yet.
86) I voted for Ross Perot in '92, to show my dissatisfaction with George Bush.
87) I have only one living grandparent, my paternal grandmother, "Ma."
88) I hate it when people put commas and periods outside of quotes.
89) I love to use the em dash--much as Emily Dickinson did.
90) Google is my favorite search engine.
91) If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Spruce Head, Maine.
92) I live only 15 minutes away from there.
93) I honeymooned in Popham Beach. It was nice.
94) I would have preferred Ireland or Italy.
95) I have a good sense of humor.
96) I can play a decent shuffle on the drums.
97) I would like a tarantula for a pet.
98) I like old movie theaters. The new ones really have no class.
99) I'm glad this is almost over.
100) I'm glad you read this far.

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