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11/02/2001 Entry: "How do you prefer the page?"

How do you prefer the page? One column for navigation, and one for posts, or 3 columns: navigation, posts, and about me? Leave your comments!

Replies: 3 people have rocked the mic!

I personally liked the three columns. I have to agree with the previous comment that the single left column seems to be doing a lot of work. I used to like that as the linking column to other places while the middle is the text content and the right hand side was moderately fluid with things that only change occasionally. For instance what you are reading and such. I thought your right column with that content was really quite uniqe and brilliant. I would love to incorporate that into the storm somehow.

I also wanted to say that supertramp rocks.

Posted by Dake @ 11/02/2001 01:02 PM EST

Who said we like the page at all. Maybe we're just bored. heh.

Posted by Harmonic Distortions @ 11/02/2001 01:13 PM EST

I could care less, but i think having dake on these comments all the time is boring!!!! Actually i do care. Please format the page with 5 columns and each one has to have a boarder of 3, the text needs to be centered both horizontally and vertically. Thanks for asking :)

Posted by cooldrums @ 11/02/2001 02:58 PM EST

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