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11/09/2001 Entry: "Woman Gets Life for Skinning Boyfriend"

Woman gets life for skining boyfriend after orgy. I kid you not. I wonder if my 'stralian friend Jim knew about this.

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So what does stralian mean?

Posted by Jim @ 11/14/2001 12:45 PM EST

It's how Aussie's refer to their country. Sometimes JIm even makes it sound like "strine."

Posted by BR @ 11/14/2001 04:53 PM EST

I guess I don't understand your usage of the word and dictionarys are proving no help. Can you put it another way for me? Thanks

Posted by Jim @ 11/15/2001 09:41 AM EST

No wonder you can't find it: you've been looking in dictionarys (sic), instead of dictionaries! Here's a sample...

"Speak 'strine' mate?" (Strine rhymes with twine.)
--means "Do you speak Austrailian, buddy?"

Posted by BR @ 11/15/2001 11:54 AM EST

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