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11/13/2001 Entry: "Yes indeed here we are."

Yes indeed, here we are now, at St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast! (Actually, at work we are celebrating gluttony week. I'm making breakfast for the staff tomorrow morning. On Thursday we're going to make Eye-talian samiches. And then on Friday, The Blind Man and I are playing at the Black Bull Tavern here in town. Everyone is invited.

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Replies: 7 people have rocked the mic!

So isn't gluttony a sin?

Posted by anonymous @ 11/14/2001 07:55 AM EST

Only if the food sux.

Posted by Digital Harmonics @ 11/14/2001 10:25 AM EST

You are an idiot.

Posted by anonymous @ 11/14/2001 12:42 PM EST

"That's just like, your opinion man."
The Dude

Posted by Digital Harmonics @ 11/14/2001 04:26 PM EST

No man. It is fact.

Posted by anonymous @ 11/16/2001 08:40 AM EST

And your proof to back up this so-called "fact"?

Posted by Digital Harmonics @ 11/20/2001 02:50 PM EST

Just visit your putrid page or even look at what you posted here. Everyone is saying it.

Posted by anonymous @ 11/21/2001 08:34 AM EST

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