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11/29/2001 Entry: "Bill The Mighty Censor Speaks"

This is a test. It failed. Anyway, I thought about banning comments, due to the recent trouble I've had. But that's not really what I want to do. So, Greymatter has a censorship function, where I can censor certain words from comments. So, that's sadly had to be put in place. Leave comments, but leave your email, and only use nice words. OK.

The Admin

Replies: 5 people have rocked the mic!

I wonder who this mysterious "The Admin" is? If you want to be a jerk or swear come to my effing page. Hehe. : )

Posted by Digital Harmonics @ 11/29/2001 03:39 PM EST

I think Digital Harmonics must be Rick Winslow. Just so you know your page restricts responders to be only live journal users. At least that is what Steamy said.

Posted by sledge @ 11/29/2001 04:34 PM EST

I changed it d00t. Anyone can reply.

Posted by Digital Harmonics @ 11/30/2001 08:39 AM EST

Maybe you shouldn't advertise an argument in your page title if you don't want one.

Posted by Digital Harmonics @ 11/30/2001 01:14 PM EST

OK, who the heck is posting as me?

Posted by Harmonic Distortions @ 12/01/2001 09:58 AM EST

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