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12/01/2001 Entry: "Bye Bye Comments Section"

Is really too bad. It's too bad that people I work with have to be jerks, and trash the private property that is my webpage. People who have access to post on www.thequietstorm.org, yet rarely do. So they come over here, to my page, make rude comments, post under other people's names, and just turn everything into a big pile of crap. Then I have to go in, and straighten it all out. That's crazy. I upgraded to Greymatter (as you can see from the second or third post) so people could leave comments. Now, less than two whole months later, I have to turn that feature off because my "friends" won't respect my wishes, and continue to be a$$hole$! (I don't normally swear, but I'm really mad.) Now, my Dad, and my sister, won't be able to leave me comments because some 20-30 year old boys want to act like a bunch of clods. Very smooth. [/rant] (Notice the anger tag is still open.)

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