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12/13/2001 Entry: "Thanks Sledge!"

I just wanted to give a shout out to my buddy Jim. For my birthday/Christmas, he hooked me up with a gift basket of some of the world's finest beers, including 3 Sammy Smith's, a Pilsner Urquel (the origional Pilsner from Pilzn, Chek Repulic), a Bellhaven Scotch Ale (a favorite of mine) and a couple of German lagers I've never even heard of! Tonight I had the Sam Smith's Taddy Porter. A porter isn't seen much anymore. It's a little lighter than a stout, but not by much. It often has a nutty quality to it. Well, this Taddy Porter could be summed in in two words: YUM! It had a bit smokiness, a little bitterness, a little taste of the dark chocolate malt (and that's good: to much chocolate malt makes a beer too nutty, in my book) but not too much. It was very balanced, and very good. Chocolate malts have such a distintive taste, that some beers with this ingredient I can't finish. (Note: chocolate refers to the color, not the taste. If it were the taste, you know I'd love it.) This Sam Smith went down easily. It's no Rolling Rock, mind. You're not going to sit down and drink 3 of em after washing the car. But one on a cold evening is very nice!

In honor of Jim's great gift, I plan on giving a report on each.

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