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12/14/2001 Entry: "Should I turn the comments back on?"

OK. Things have cooled down a little. Some changes have been made on my end. Should I allow comments again? If I do, will you promise to be nice?

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I'll be good.

Posted by Dad @ 12/15/2001 07:44 AM EST

I promise to be nice. Thanks for putting the comments back.

Posted by beloved @ 12/15/2001 07:48 PM EST

I will be nice too. I might just suggest you kinda give an idea of what you think is not nice. Not because I need it or anything but I think some people joke and don't realize how it is being taken when it is read. I have been on both ends of that equation myself.

Just an idea.

Posted by Jim @ 12/17/2001 08:00 AM EST

Oops. I didn't see the little paragraph right above the posting area till I posted. dark blue on very dark green. Could barley see it on this monitor! My email address is up now.

Posted by Jim @ 12/17/2001 08:01 AM EST

Thanks for the feedback Jim! I've made some color changes to make it easier to read.

Posted by Billy Rhythm @ 12/17/2001 03:05 PM EST

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