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12/21/2001 Entry: "Santa's in town!"

It seems Santa was seen last night passing out huge bags of toys to 200 girls and boys at The Salvation Army Christmas party. Each kid's bag contained 8-11 toys. Boy, you gotta watch out for that Salvation Army: you know they're out to brainwash your children. In fact, last night before they ate the burger and fries that the Salvation Army bought from Burger King for them, they said grace! Of all the nerve. [/sarcasm]

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Hi Billy My name is Brian the other brother Barry has I checked out your page its cool I have a band down here in Deleware called
LEDFOOT cause I have one I also play TAMA's cant convince my little bro to try them ohhh well

Posted by Brian Spofford @ 12/21/2001 07:28 PM EST

What's up Brian! Cool to see you have visited Bill's page.He is one groovalicious drummer. Does santa where a watch? Oh yeh, he's got quite a schedule to keep.

Posted by Groovemaster @ 12/24/2001 08:54 AM EST

How come we can't post anymore? I tried to under the "For Christmas" message because I thought it was so nice I wanted to say so. So I think it is and I am saying so.

On the movies at the right on the main page both Star Wars and Chocolat go to Star Wars.

I might recommend using www.imdb.com for your movie links. Just a suggestion.

Posted by sledge @ 12/26/2001 04:29 PM EST

I'm only putting comments on certain topics. I figured the religious nature of the poem would be too much of a spark to warrant comments. I'm glad you like it, though.

Have you seen Chocolat? It's really very good. I'll lend it to you, if you'd like. And please, remember to use an email address.

Posted by Admin @ 12/27/2001 08:59 AM EST

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