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12/27/2001 Entry: "My Christmas Bounty"

I really did ok for Christmas. My wife bought me some new jammies and some CDs, as well as a stocking full of chocolate. My in-laws got me a rock-em sock-em Buzz Lightyear/Emperor Zurg game. My Grandmother hipped me to a cool sweater, which is hard to do because I'm particular about clothes. Me mum and dad got me a Black and Decker "Dremel" tool, which, now that I've gotten to use, is cooler than a Dremel dremel. They also hooked me up with some shooter's mittens/gloves. You know, it's a mitten whose top pulls back to reveal a fingerless glove. They're very warm. And Mom made all three of us kids scrapbooks of our entire lives! Two great big photo albums were needed for each of us, and they contain old photos, school shots, report cards, certificates, and other cool stuff. It was very nice, and took her a long time to do.

Julia got entirely far too many gifts, lots of dolls, countless books, dress up clothes, and a make up table from my sister. Susan seemed happy with the KitchenAid attchment pack and bread machine that I got her.

Strangely enough, only one music related item: John Alderige's book on Vintage Drums from my folks.

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I think it time to update your age in the right hand column. Your welcome. Dad

Posted by Dad @ 12/29/2001 08:05 PM EST

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