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02/14/2002 Entry: "Coffee, Northern Kindom, etc."

After much grooming, I've convinced The Greasy Wop over to my side of things. That's right, you read it right here: MLG is dricking his coffee black! Aight! Now if I could only get Sue and Julia to give up their sweet and creamy ways, the coffee drinking world would be complete, in my eyes. "What about JP?" you ask. Sorry--he's too far gone.

Remember a few posts back how I gave completely off the wall props to Northern Kingdom? This time, they hooked me up with some lights for my DJ business. I got 8 par-38's, 2 stands, and a dimmer pack. I paid about what you would pay for the two stands and a couple of cans. All I need is another dimmer and a control box, and I'll have 8 individually adjustable lights. Hip.

Replies: 3 people have rocked the mic!

But do you have a disco ball?

Posted by groovemaster @ 02/15/2002 08:30 AM EST

your daughter drinks coffee?!

Posted by mlg @ 02/15/2002 01:29 PM EST

Sure she drinks coffee! In fact, we woke up at the same time last Saturday. She announced to me that I needed to make coffee, as she wanted some for breakfast! Sue learned from her grandaddy to drink coffee with lots of cream and sugar. Sue will take an 8oz mug, fill it half-way with coffee, put 5 (!) sugars in it, and then top the rest off with milk.

Julia likes her's the same way, much to my chagrin.

Posted by B.R. @ 02/15/2002 05:18 PM EST

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