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03/06/2002 Entry: "Dinner and a LAN party"

Tonight's dinner: BBQ Pork Enchilladas. I got the idea from Market on Main. Did I use a recipie? Heck no! I can cook, baby! And man, were they good! The pan held about 15 enchilladas, so I thought I would take some to work for Snake to try. (He loves them too.) Oh well, they're too good to share.

After work, Adam and Ron stayed a little late so we could play some Quake 3. It was awesome! I can only imagine how fun a real LAN party (complete with pizzza, beer, and a dozen people) would be. I hope the guys will continue to wanna play. I think they're going to stay late and play tomorrow night. I have to teach an advanced email class.

Sspeaking of that... 2 years ago, the local adult ed tried to give an advanced email class. There wasn't enough interest. Last year, they asked me to teach it. I had 3 students. This year, I have 8! (The room only holds 10.) Are more people interested in email? Maybe the cat's outta the bag: Billy Rhythm teaches a fun class. Who knows.

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