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03/14/2002 Entry: "Blues and the Melancholy Sadness"

It's been a long week for B.R. You see, I've been working on these tradeshows for my employer. (I'm a P/R man for you new visitors.) I've had a little stress, shall we say. This weekend, I play a gig Friday nite, another tradeshow Saturday until 6pm, another gig Saturday nite, and back to the tradeshow Sunday. Billing day is Monday. I think I may take Tuesday off.

Anyway, I was asked to take a drive to pick up The Wop. (He had a little driving incident, and the State of Maine thought he should rest from driving for a while.) I convinced the powers that be to let me drive the Viggen. (The Viggen's for lease. Email for details.) It's about 50 degrees out, I'm driving a fantastic machine (not to fast, but not the speed limit either!), listening to good tunes, and it starts to make my melancholy feel a little better. I thought about not stopping in Damariscotta, and instead driving until I ran out of road.

But I stoppped...

I would have liked to have kept going...

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What do you mean the Viggen is for lease?

Posted by HJ Curtis @ 03/15/2002 11:26 PM EST

Not that Viggen! We bought out our other owner. He had a Viggen as well. It's a grey 4-door. JP's is a blue coupe. He's still keeping his! :-)

Posted by B.R. @ 03/17/2002 09:23 AM EST

O.K. Now I'm confuddled. JP's is the only series of Viggen I am aware of? What is the OTHER Viggen. Is it a Svedish Viggen?

Posted by HJ Curtis @ 03/18/2002 07:27 AM EST

JPs was the only style of Viggen. It used to be one style, one color, and the only option was the heated seats, I think. Everything else was standard. Now, they have different styles and colors available. I myself like the yellow!

Posted by B.R. @ 03/18/2002 08:29 AM EST

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