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03/28/2002 Entry: "Zoot Suit and Rush Limbaugh"

The zoot suit arrived yesterday. It looks pretty cool. I still need suspenders, shoes, and a hat, and then I'll be ready to roll. The plan is to wear it to my gig at The Black Bull next Friday nite.

I sent a letter to Rush Limbaugh today. Yesterday, he had been talking about a report that John Travolta bought his own 747. Then today, Rush mentions that John's publicist said that Mr. Travolta has never had a 747, and has never considered owning one. Well, that's true. But, if you had been reading Random Abstract last fall, you would have known John bought a 707! So, I sent Mr. Limbaugh an email, pointing him to Ron's site, and to the many sites that mention his 707.

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