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03/29/2002 Entry: "Hits, a quiz, and whatever"

I got a hit from Bar Napkins. I can't find a link on their page to me, but it showed up in my logs. Anyway, I'll link back to them, and provide them a huge new traffic stream.

Ron from Random Abstract was explaining that last night on The Man Show, the hosts offered $100 to each pair of girls who would kiss each other. I asked Ron "Was this a kiss. Or a kiss?" Well ,it seems it was a kiss of the French variety. So here's an informal poll. Would you, for $100, Frenh kiss someone of the same sex? Would you, for $100, touch someone's hoo-hoo of the same sex. If it were me, I'd sooner do B than A. Ron says he'd do A faster, as the tongue isn't a sex organ. Sex organ or not, it's a very personal organ, and I don't want to be sharring mine with just anyone.

Replies: 2 people have rocked the mic!

Some informal results:

Those who would prefer the kiss: Ron, Snake, Mike.

Those who would prefer the hoo-hoo: Bill, Jim, Troy, Chas., MLG.

Posted by B.R. @ 03/29/2002 01:40 PM EST

i wish you didnt word it as "those who would prefer the hoo-hoo", because lets get one thing clear. i do not prefer the hoo-hoo in any application other than the one discused.

oh, and ray said he'd go with the kiss.

Posted by mlg @ 03/29/2002 03:31 PM EST

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