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04/05/2002 Entry: "Some kid's gonna get it!"

So my wife, and her friend, and a bunch of kids went to the park today for a picnic. It just so happens that the local pre-school is taking a field trip to the same park. At the park is a little ship's wheel type thing where kids can pretend to drive. So the Flower of Loveliness, Julia Valentine, one of the sweetest most loveable kids on the planet is playing with the wheel. Some boy comes up to her and starts yelling at her to stop it! She, of course, being a 3-year old feminine cream puff (and I mean that in the sweetest of ways) starts to cry. My wife didn't see it, but Julia came up to her crying her eyes out.

So Sue is telling me this story on my lunch break. And my first thought, was, honestly, if I catch this kid, I'm gonna pound him. Sorry. That was my first reaction. No boy bullys my girl. Then of course I realize he's maybe 4, and I think the law kinda frowns on a 30 year old man beating up a kid. But by the same token, some of these same kids:
a) pushed around Sue's friend's little girl. She's even younger than Julia.
b) one boy told the teacher he needed to take a sh##. The teacher told him that he needed to go to the bathroom to do that. Note, she didn't say "Sh## is not a word that civilized people use," much less 4 year olds. I know no child has ever heard that at my house.

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