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04/08/2002 Entry: "Live Journal"

OK, you Live Journal running thugs. What's the deal. Real men run Grey Matter at least, maybe Moveable Type. Once you start running software on your own server, you won't go back to the Blogger style "you run it my way (i.e. limited features that don't run most times and posts that get eaten)" style of software. So make the switch. It's not hard. I installed mine with only minor help from JP. And, if I had a decent FTP program at the time, I wouldn't have needed any help. (I had to use telnet to chmod my cgi files--and let's face it, ain't many of us comfortable wid dat!)

Live Journal? Crap. Blogger? Just barely better. Maybe. Greymatter? Well, my friend, that rocks Neddick!

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Grey Matter I'm sure is much better. But for non geeks, or people who are just lazy like me, LJ is a good alternative. They have improved the service, and if you get a paid account it's gauranteed to never go down. Plus you get the developers code, and can embed it into your own page. Another cool thing about LJ that a lot of people like is the community feel of it.

Posted by Digital Harmonics @ 04/09/2002 08:14 AM EST

does live journal suck balls? yes. absolutly. am i too lazy to do anything else right now? absolutly. i downloaded greymatter, i just never got around to installing it. someday. when i fisnish my grand re-design. now that my friend, will rock neddick

Posted by mlg @ 04/09/2002 09:09 AM EST

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