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04/13/2002 Entry: "Lamb Baby!"

Last night, Sue roasted a bonless lamb leg that she got on special. I found a little recipie over on FoodTV.com, and she slapped it together. Man, oh man! I could not stop singing the paraises of this lamb! It was soooo good, with some roasted potatoes! MMM!

Lamb was never a part of my growing up. My partents don't eat it. Probably because their parents didn't eat it. I was first introduced to it by Sue's brother Hound Dog. Hound Dog used to buy the shoulder chops. They were o.k., and useable in a lamb induced craving, but not the ultimate. Then, I had lamb at Pat Friedman's house. Her husband, a Jewish dentist, invited us (Sue and I) over to eat the Passover Cedar one year. (Pat and Sue and I were all English majors together.) That's when it really took of for me. It was a fantastic leg of lamb. (Also from this Passover meal came my interest in Newfoundlands. And, is it ok for me to say that Pat was a real looker of a blond? No, probably not.)

Then came lamb chops. Oh baby. I never get to eat those. Who could at $8-12 per pound? But sometimes, when I go out to dinner, if they're available, I get 'em. Man, I need to get some for the grill sometime. And when I do, I'll envite you over!

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