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04/24/2002 Entry: "New Roof, and Macquarium"

So I'm building a Macquarium. It's an aquarium built out of an old Mac. Ron from Random Abstract got these instructions to build it. Of course, that was after I rescued a Mac Plus from the Rockland Landfill. I've got the case all cut out, and the glass is undergoing its first gluing right now. Maybe by next week sometime I'll have fish in it.

Also this weekend, we're having a new roof put on the house. We got a healthy tax return, and one of the fathers for whom Sue babysits a child does roofing. We were quoted a price of about $1200 to do one side a year or two ago. This guy is going to do the whole thing, plus the ell above the kitchen, for $1800. And, he's going to do it in one weekend. And, he needs to do it this weekend, as he booked for the next month and a half. Drive by on Monday and see how it looks.

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