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04/29/2002 Entry: "Go-Go Boots and Single Men"

I never really noticed it. I think Jim was the first one to bring it up. Here's the scenario. A bunch of guys go to a club. They hear the band for a set or two. Then they leave. Invariably, as soon as they leave, the hotties they've been watching all night will start to dance.

Last time, it happened at the Black Bull Restaurant. After Adam, Jim, Mike and Chris left, only Ron remained. Two girls, one good looking, and one, umm, blessed by nature's bounty, shall we say, started dancing. Of course, Ron's married. The single guys had already left. They left before the "good stuff" happened!

Well, it happened this week too. This time, though, only Mike showed. Immediately after he left (Literally. We were on a break. He left. We started. So did she!) this girl in go go boots and a short leather skirt starts dancing. This skirt was so short! (How short was it?) It was so short, if she put both hands in the air, her butt would be exposed. An man could she dance! All she needed was a brass pole! And the funny part of all this? Mike the single guy looking for love was not there to see it!

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Actually last time I stayed the entire night too. You were breaking down when I left. Remember?

Posted by Jim @ 04/29/2002 06:14 PM EST

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