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04/29/2002 Entry: "Another thing about the Black Bull..."

And another thing about my Black Bull experience on Saturday. They ran out of food! Really. I made arrangements to be there about 8pm. I woke up from my nap around 7:30pm. I was so hungry, I decided to leave a little early. (I hadn't eaten lunch in anticipation of a good supper.) I got there, and they gave me a menu. "I've checked off what we do have," said the waitress "as it's easier than telling you what we do have." They were out of the Chicken Alfredo, which is what I really wanted. So I settled for something called a Hanger Steak. (They say in their menu it's a cut of beef not easy to find. It was a lot like flank steak if you ask me.) At 8pm, Glen the bass player showed up. The waitress said, "Sorry, but the kitchens closed." He did the same as me: ate no lunch as to fill up at night. Part of the night's pay is based on a meal. Bummer. They were able to rustle him up a garden salad. So as I'm eating my steak, he's eating a salad!

It was very good--what there was available! (Oh, and they ran out of bread, too!)

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