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05/14/2002 Entry: "I see dead people!"

I had the strangest dream the night before last. I dreamt I could see dead people. So, for some reason, I'm standing at the base of the stairs at my Aunt Grace's house. Uncle Ted and Aunt Grace have been dead 3-4 years, I guess. (Of course, with my timeclock, it could be 10!) So I look up, and I see someone there. No big deal. Then the figure (I can't remeber for sure, but I think it was a tall, slender man--not Uncle Ted) notices me, and notices that I can see it. It's surprised, and that surprised me. That's when I realized that no one else can see this guy, ergo, he's not used to being seen, ergo he's a ghost. So, I scream. And, I actually did. I woke, and was fidgeting. Susan asked "Are you ok? What were you dreaming about?" Now I don't really want to tell her, but I did. "I dreamt I could see ghosts." "Oh nice," she says. I asked her "Did I just scream?" "Yes" she said. Well why didn't she ask about that! Why no concern about that?

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Aunt Grace and Uncle Ted have been gone longer than Father, and he died four years ago last month.

Posted by Dad @ 05/14/2002 06:18 PM EST

I got another Ghost pedal. Inspecting it, I noticed the patent number (I'm not sure if my other Ghost has one). I did a patent search on the USPTO website and there it was! Patent #2,551,635 applied for on October 27, 1947 by John H. Ramsey, Eugene OR, granted May 5, 1951. Now we know! All the drawings and rationale for this pedal are there. Now I really wonder about the similarity between this pedal and the Slingerland HH pedal designed by George Way in the late thirties.....

Posted by Randy Rudolph @ 05/17/2002 02:03 PM EST

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