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05/17/2002 Entry: "new drums, dreams, and a gig"

What weird dreams I've been having recently. The night before last, I drempt that Charles flew me (he is a registered pilot) to a golf game. His style of flying was thus: fly high enough to miss the cars, but low enough to stay under the wires. Ariving at the golf tournament, we played the first hole. This consisted of pitching the ball on to a couch about 15 feet away. Neat!

Jump to spending the night at Patrick's house. But, it's not Patrick's house really. No, in my dream, Patrick lives in Jeremy Alley's old house in Spruce Head. So, very early in the morning, I wake to the sound of a truck leaving the driveway. Patrick and I wonder who could be leaving his driveway. So we go outside to look. Someone has stolen all the drums from the back of my truck! And, they have stolen the cap as well! Someone stole my truck cap! They also left an Army ditty bag full of vintage Ludwig hardware, and my stickbag. Of course, they took everything out of the sitck bag, but left the bag itself.

Last night, I dreamt Susan and I were living in a very tall house. We decided to change out the wallpaper from the upstairs bedroom. For whatever reason, the wallpaper extended up to the ceiling. In removing the wallpaper from the ceiling, I saw that we had, in fact, no roof. Only the rafters and the sky. Crazy.


So, I bought a drum set. Hard to believe, I know. Northern Kingdom Music (the best music store in the world) gave me a good deal on a set of 70s vintage Gretsch. The tom holders are horrific! Designed by the same guy who thought mounting the Saab key on the floor was a good idea, is my guess. So that will have to be changed. Also, they're White Nitron. That's just plain white. I'm going to change them to Tony Williams yellow. Then, they will be cool.


I thought I had this weekend off. No work, no gigs. Then the phone rings. It's Blind Al, giving me directions to the gig on Saturday. "We have a gig?" "Yeah," he said. "I told you about it months ago." Well, in fact he did. We were on the way to a gig, and he brought it up. At the time though, it wasn't a definite kind of thing. He was more like "Are you free on this date" kinda scenario. (Here we go, yo!) And Sue and I were supposed to have dinner at Amalfi. We've not been to Amalfi before; just look at this menu. Goat cheese and onion tarts? Oh yeah! Braised lamb shank is the first entree on the list?! This is my kind of place! Pitty I'll miss it.

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