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05/27/2002 Entry: "What I did today"

So today, I slept late. (8:30) I got up, and made French toast for Sue, and scrambled eggs for Julia. Then, washed dishes. Shower. With the help of my neighbor David, I trimmed the back hedge, and the front bush. (Thanks David!) He's a landscaper, and has all kinds of cool tools. His weedwacker turns into a hedge trimmer and a paddle broom! After putting the debris in the truck, I went inside for a beer. (Pabst Blue Ribbon in bottles! Yum!) Julia and I then went shopping. That first beer was so good, I decided to buy more. It wasn't until I was outside that I realized I bought Rolling Rock Lite!? It tasted like this. Oh well. It does go down smooth. Then I stripped and polished my 14" Starclassic floor. I've owned these drums almost 5 years, and I've never stripped them down and cleaned them. I have 3 of the 6 drums done. I'd like to have them all done by Saturday's gig. After I made supper (BBQ shi'-ken on the grill), I gutted a Mac Classic to be my next Macquarium. As I post, I'm in studio C of WRFR, "prepping" for my show. Then bed.

Bed sounds good.

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Why do you have to strip before you polish your drums?

Posted by Dad @ 05/28/2002 05:41 AM EST

When I say strip, I don't mean removing the finish. I mean removing the lugs and hardware, down to a bare shell. Then you can apply a wax or polish without worrying about getting it on the chrome.

Posted by BR @ 05/28/2002 08:33 AM EST

What a relief, I thought you had to strip naked to polish your drums. I will breath again.

Posted by Dad @ 05/29/2002 09:00 PM EST

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