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06/17/2002 Entry: "My girl, cigars, and whatnot"

This is my little girl, along with her friend Taylor. Aren't they both wicked sweet!

Tonight I finally smoked that cigar that someone brought me from their trip to Honduras. It was well constructed, burned not to hot - not to cool, and had decent flavor. The wrapper wan't as full flavored as I like, but hey!

My new browser of choice? Mozilla. Not good on the Mac. Really not good. But very fast on my PC. It responds like Opera, but feels just like Netscape. An A+.

Chick Bailey gave me another drum today! A big 15" Ludwig Stainless Steel marching snare with gut snares. I've not got it tuned well yet; it's my first snare with catgut snares. It needs to be hit hard in order to get good sound out of it.

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