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06/24/2002 Entry: "Should I buy another drum set?"

We played Friday nite, and Saturday morning, and Saturday nite. The plan was to pick up Blind Al at 8:30 Saturday morning, play the gig at 10 am, then go to Portland and hang for the day. While I was waiting for Blind Al Saturday morning, I leafed through his Sam Ash music catalogue. They had the Pearl Rhythm Traveler for $299. That's cheap. I thought I could pick one up and use it for practices and jams. So I called Northern Kingdom Music, the best music store in the world. (I once bought something from someone else, only to find out that Harvey could of got me the same thing for the same price. Now, before I buy any equipment, I check with them.) They couldn't come close. (Or so they thought.) So, I went to Sam Ash to order one. Now, here's the kicker. Shipping is $65! That's outrageous! So I called Northern Kingdom again. They can get me one, with cymbals (albeit cheap ones) for about $400. That's only $35 more, comes with cheesy cymbals, and I get it locally. That's aight!

Oh, and sorry for the lack of posts. I've been busy. This last weekend started 11 straight weekends in a row of gigs. Weekend updates may proove to be somewhat rare.

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Now you need to show Gary that kind of loyalty. You get the really good deals when you do. he he

Posted by Dake @ 06/25/2002 08:01 AM EST

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