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06/26/2002 Entry: "Sorry, Ron"

Hey TU! It seems the rest of your political cohorts aren't with you on this. Senate votes 99-0 to condem 9th circuit court's decision.

Replies: 2 people have rocked the mic!

I know where I stand.
Whats on the back wall etc...

Posted by ra @ 06/26/2002 11:44 PM EST

Looks like you stand in the bulls eye. I feel for ya.

I will say that Bill Mahar commenting on what the Senate should do is pretty funny and ridiculous. He is a comedian! He should stick to that and let intelligent people who care deal with presenting the issues. Not idiots from hollywood who are simply there to get something pushed or sold.

Bill Mahar = comedian who can't find a job. (wasn't his show canceled)

Bill O'Reilley = Respected journalist, two best selling books, number one opinion show on cable TV. Hmm tough choice.

Posted by Dake @ 06/27/2002 12:24 PM EST

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