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06/28/2002 Entry: "Strange dreams..."

I've had a rash of strange dreams recently. Last night, I dreamed I was dating Nicole Kidman. We were comming home from somewhere, along with my good friend Al Pacino. Outside our house, Nicole's Granfather is stumbling around drunk. So, we invite him inside our house, which is a ranch style, master bedroom all the way to the end. We all end up talking down there. Al and I step outside the room for a minute. When we come back in, there's Gramps raping Nicole! (My girlfriend!) So we (Al Pacino and I) grab him and pull him off Nicole. We discuss what we should do with him, and I have the great idea that we should cut his ear off! So I hold Gramps in a sort of half nelson, while Al starts to sawing on his ear with a single edged razor blade. Al's about half way through his ear, when I think it would be a good idea to stop, and let Gramps live with his ear kinda dangling.

Then I woke.

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