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07/15/2002 Entry: "Today's Boring Update"

I'm using the Mac at the radio station. You know, the one we're not supposed to use for personal Internet reasons? Well, I'm donating the bandwidth, so I'll do as I please, thank you.

I called and ordered wrap for my drums today. Silver sparkle for the Luddy piccolo, and Tony Williams Yellow for the Gretsches. Sam didn't have enough yellow for the floor tom, so he's sending what he has, and will follow up when he gets the rest.

Someone other than a midcoast.com customer has linked back to me!

"Player, collector and all round good chap Billy Rhythm get's his kit out for you to see....."

Thank you, Andy!

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Yes, I guess you may use your own internet connection to the band(width) you desire.. but don't let others see you doing it as it just gives them license (and an excuse) to do it themselves.. then we get turned off. The cycle repeats. Etcetera.
Have fun at the Blues Festival!

Posted by The Streets-Meister @ 07/19/2002 07:50 PM EST

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