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07/22/2002 Entry: "Drum Parts, New Kitty, and Zoot Suit"

This is my third time trying to post this. Mozilla keeps crashing. I've not had any problems since I switched to Greymatter, so it's a little strange to have to keep doing it.

So I bought some WFL claws in nickel. Now, all I need are 8 nickel t-rods and a 16" nickel hoop, and the WFLs will be done.

We got a new kitty for Julia today. We picked the names of our last 3 kitties (Jennyanydots, Growltigger, and Rumpleteaser) from the Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. Julia wanted to name her Lollipop. So we comprimised. Her name is Lil' Nell Lollipop. Pictures will come later.

As you should remember, I played the North Atlantic Blues Festival. I got a lot of compliments on my Zoot suit. One guy said "That's the best thing I've seen all night." Another said "That's the Dick Tracy-est suit I've ever seen." You can see me in it (though not well) here.

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I think it is Mozilla. Does the same thing to me. Crashes me so hard I have to completely restart. I stopped using it and the crashes have stopped.

Posted by tell ya later @ 07/23/2002 12:39 PM EST

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