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08/09/2002 Entry: "Netscape, Doug, Purpleheart, and, of course, drums"

On the Death of Netscape. Pretty funny. If you like geek humor. (Read: Mom and Dad--you won't get it.)

More info on the whole "Doug" thing. Resident script monkey Scott has also been called Doug twice in the last two days. I've been called Doug again today. Six times in three days.

Check this! Samples of fine, exotic woods. It makes me, well, woody.

All that talk about wood made me think about purpleheart. There's a snare drum maker out there who will make you a purpleheart snare. Would I like one? Have I ever not wanted a snare? But that me me think of the Purple Heart. Something about that medal from an aesthetic stand point, but I think it's the most beautiful medal that any country offers its vets. And you know what? You can buy them on ebay for $10. That's a little sad. Still, it is beautiful.

Yar, har, har! I like the plastic hand comming out of the bass drum. This guy needs a few less bong hits.

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