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09/03/2002 Entry: "Where do you find a sandwich spreader?"

Just a short post for now. This weekend, on our massive boys day out excursion, Jim and I hunted for a sandwich spreader. You know, the kind for smearing egg salad on bread? The fat looking butter knife kind-o-thing? We looked everywhere. We found one at Williams Sonoma. It was like $15! And look at this: Dean from Textism was thinking the same thing! On the exact same day Jim and I were looking for one!

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Did you see the All-Purpose Spreader from Pampered Chef?

Posted by Your Sister @ 09/03/2002 07:53 PM EST

Of course! I own one, and I own the offset spreader too!

Posted by B.R. @ 09/03/2002 08:33 PM EST

Oh have two spreaders now. Good ole sis had some she didn't need.

Posted by Jim @ 09/04/2002 09:33 PM EST

not kevin he is still our main machine. Out mystery drummer is the one i am referring to. i'll call sometime and fill you in

Posted by sonny @ 09/17/2002 02:57 PM EST

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