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10/11/2002 Entry: "North Drums, dream about mom, Will Calhoun"

Marc's North Drum kit
North Drums are cool. When I was but a wee little drummer, me mum and dad took me to Portland to a drum shop to look for a china-boy cymbal. I will never shop Portland Percussion again, but that's another story. In their front window was a set of North drums--white ones. $600. Then, I thought they were cool, but I wouldn't be caught dead playing them. Now, I think they're cool, they probably sound like dog doo-doo, but I'd like to have a set.

OK, crazy dream time again. I dreamed I was riding with Mom--she was driving. We were in Augusta, but with more traffic. We were just coming down Duh Hill when I said something not nice about Mom's driving. Mom didn't like to hear such things, so she decided to get back at. She was driving too fast, changing lanes by the threes, and at one point, she went right over a median. I tried to grab the wheel from her, and she just started jerking it all over. I said "Mom, maybe you should let me hitch hike home." So she pulled over and let me out! So there I am, at Billy's corner in Augusta (how I ended up back there I don't know), with my thumb stuck out. The second "car" pull sover to pick me up. But it's not a car: it's a horse drawn buggy full of an Amish family! And they didn't want to pick me up; they just wanted directions to--and I can't remember which--the airport or Service Merchandise!

Next week, I'm playing a gig for PopTech, the popular technology conference in Camden Maine. It's the same line up I use for my own trio, The Uptown Rhythm Kings, but I didn't book the gig. So instead we're being billed as trio fromagi: The Three Cheeses. Anyways, one of the presenters at this conference is Will Calhoun. He's the drummer for Living Color! He was voted "Best Progressive Drummer" by Modern Drummer Magazine three times! And he may be coming to see me play! It would be nice to meet him. I don't want him to hear me play.

I remember once playing a gig with a bunch of other Jazz bands. One of the other drummers there was Steve Grover, my old college drum professor. I played before him, unfortunately. He came up afterwards and said "Nice playing, Bill. That was really tasty." And then I came up with my motto on my own drumming.

"I have to play tasty, 'cause I have no chops!"

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Man....You are the swingin'-est drummer in these here parts. You are a shufflin' fool. You lay the groove down DEEP. Look up "Funk" in the dictionary and there is your sweet, smiling face.....and tasty.....You are the Filet Mignon of percussion perfection. Feel the LOVE. Hi to Mom and Dad Rhythm too!


Posted by Harvey Curtis @ 10/14/2002 12:46 PM EST

I love these North drums!!! Would you ever be interested in selling them?

Posted by Silvio @ 10/15/2002 07:38 PM EST

Sorry Silvio! Those aren't my drums. I'd like to have a set myself, as I mentioned in my post.

But if I did have a set, you couldn't have them. :-)

Posted by Billy Rhythm @ 10/15/2002 07:57 PM EST

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