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10/26/2002 Entry: "Nickle hoop, not good"

So I bought this nickle hoop for my 16" WFL floor tom. $30 at a music store--not the best music store on earth, Northern Kingdom, but another one I won't name. This "Drum Shop" in "Portland" set it aside for me, and I had to go pick it up. So, last time I was in Portland with Jim, we did. It was in pretty gross shape. But there was no rust, so it wasn't anything a polish wouldn't fix. So, I polished it. Twice. Once with the dremel. It was scuzy. Finally, it was done. It was an easy hour's worth of work. Today I went to put it on. It's a 15". It doesn't fit. So I have to take it back. Downside--it's in better condition now then when I bought it!

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