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11/07/2002 Entry: "My week, the Mac, and drums"

Monday night was rehearsal for West Side Story. Then my radio show at 9pm. Tuesday, I worked on a clients web page for an hour, then taught Beginner's Internet from 6-9pm. Last night, I went and picked up my truck at the mechanics. Thanks to Jim and Dave for giving me rides. Luckily, the tab was only about $85. Tonight is rehearsal for WWS again. Friday and Saturday night, I'm playing in Brunswick. After church Sunday, I have a free gig for the Salvation Army at 3pm. Then, back to church at 6pm. At least I'll have some free time during the day on Saturday--I don't have to work at the office.

My Mac here at the office is fixed. It was the power supply. Cursed Mac power supply! For those who don't remember, my Mac would shut down at random intervals. Apple listed what the voltages shoud be at the motherboard for this computer, and it checked out ok. But still, it would just shut down. A power supply for a PC costs about $35. The local Mac dealer wanted a little under $200!!! An online dealer wanted $150!!! I found a rebuilt one on ebay, and was happy to pay $75! That's crazy. We need to get the Mac OS to run on PC hardware.

Here are some cool drums you should see. This Leedy WWII era snare went quite cheap. But I'm trying to be good. Also available, this Ludwig snare with twin strainers. Cool. Also cool would be this Pearl symphonic, which has 3 strainers.

I'm about to give up on formating this page. I used to make sure it looked decent in a bunch of different browsers. But for the life of me, I can't make it look good in Netscape 4.7 on Windows. Netscape 6.X is fine. I.E. is fine on both Mac and PC. Why can't Netscape get it right? Then, I went to Maria's page, and her page doesn't work with Mozilla on the Mac, but looks good on everything else. ARRGH!

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You know I use a G4 at work, and my page looks ok. I'm not sure what version of Netscape or IE I have there, but they both show it ok. I do have a really large monitor at work though, don't know if that makes a difference. I'll have to check this page out on Monday and see what it looks like. ;o)

Posted by Maria @ 11/09/2002 11:23 PM EST

Netscape is poo poo!! *lol* I need to put a "Not compatible with Netscape" warning on my site! *lol*

Posted by Maria @ 11/11/2002 07:40 PM EST

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