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11/13/2002 Entry: "Browser stuff, coffee, and what-not"

Dag Nabitt! Sorry for the harsh language. My boss was telling me about the new Mozilla 1.2 browser. I had been using 1.0. "It's much faster" he said. So I downloaded it. One little problem. It's changed all my fonts! Some things look great, and other things look like dog doo-doo. I wish I'd left well enough alone. Still, it's a darn site better than Netscape 4.7x.

So at the office, we get good coffee. Life's too short to drink cheap coffee, eh? Whomever makes the coffee run usually gets a real dark roast, something really rich and full bodied, and then something new and unusual. Enter Indian Malabar. great name. It scores very high on the cool name factor--right up there with Tanzinian Peaberry. That's where the goodness ends, however. This coffee blows! It's awful. No one in the office likes it. No one. And we can't agree on coffee ever. But this time, we did. It was so bad, that someone made a batch of 1/2 Indian Malabar, and 1/2 something else. Even that was undrinkable. We put the bag of beans on the front counter, and a little note that said "free to a good home."

And about that quiz that I made. Some interesting things came up. First, no one got the clear drums question right. Everyone thought I wanted the very rare green Vistalites, or the somewhat rare yellow. Nope. I want the most common color of all: clear. Why? I'm not sure. I just think if you're going to have drums you can see through, you should really be able to see through them. Yellow would be next on the list, though. (In fact, I had a chance to buy a yellow Vista kit for $400 once. Man, I should've!)

Also, people got wrong what I would drink on a deserted island. Most people thought Booker's bourbon, followed by Geary's Hampshire Special Ale. Now, I do like both of those things. But I'm not a lush, for crying out loud! Remember that beer basket Jim bought me for my birthday last year--almost a year ago? There were 10 beers in it. I have 4 left. I have maybe one drink a week. Now milk is another story. I go through about a gallon every 2 1/2 days. That's my main liquid.

My mom got the question wrong about what I slept in. She said "nothing!" I couldn't believe it! She said she was protesting even being asked that question.

I haven't mentioned that Julia asked a boy to kiss her a couple of weeks ago. She's 4, and asking boys for kisses. Luckily, they were both in car seats, so he could only kiss her hand. Still, I'm going to be in trouble. Time for the shotgun to come down off the rack!

Replies: 2 people have rocked the mic!

but i like the rack!

Posted by shotgun @ 11/13/2002 07:56 PM EST

I must admit I don't get it. When it comes to drinking it seems that you often present two sides which I think can be confusing. Thus people saying (jokingly) that you are a lush. Beer isn't all you drink and you do have a selection of hard liquors available at your home. Yes? Also it didn't seem like too long ago that it seemed like every day you were talking about it being a 2 or 3 bourbon night. I know you are no lush and I don't think people think of you like that but I can see how people might think of you as a regular (see daily) drinker.

Posted by Jim @ 11/14/2002 08:08 AM EST

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