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11/18/2002 Entry: "Dear Dad"

I'm at the station doing my show right now. I'm burning a cd of it for you. I hope you'll like it. If not, pretend you do.

Also, if you call my house, when I say "Hello?" you need to answer immediately. Telemarketers have that little pause before they start talking. So I say "Hello?" Pause. Click. That click is me hanging up. Just warning you.

Replies: 2 people have rocked the mic!

Hope your show went great Billy!! :o)

Posted by Maria @ 11/19/2002 08:58 AM EST

I am still playing the other CD that you did and really do look forward to the new one. Don't blame you on the telemarketers, but I like to play with them. Kirby called yesterday to tell me I had wond a shampoo for a rug. After I let her go all through her message, I asked if she wanted to use our Kirby or would they bring one with them. LONG pause. She said thank you and hung up. I must have been her first. Have a great day. Kisses to the girls.

Posted by Dad @ 11/19/2002 12:31 PM EST

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