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11/26/2002 Entry: "Lauging and Crying"

I've told you before how Julia can make me laugh and cry at the same time. Not laugh so hard you start to cry, mind. But two seperate events--laughing and crying--just happening at the same time. I've been doing it all night. See, Julia has taken an interest in spelling. She sat on the couch and asked me "How do you spell Rhino? Bones? Baby?" And what amazed me was that she knew almost all the letters by herself. She needed help with the capital R, but that was about it. So I was happy she was so interested in reading and spelling. Yet I'm sad my little girl is growing up so fast! And I'm blessed she's so smart and funny. Yet I'm too young (at least I feel too young) to have a kid this old.

Right now, she's dancing in the living room, singing the lyrics to the multiplication song for eight from School House Rock. She's going to be five and already know her multiplication tables. And I just sit here crying.

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