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12/04/2002 Entry: "Wallpaper, wallpaper, everywhere, and not a drop to drink!"

The wallpapering is done. I'm waiting for a coat of ceiling paint to dry, and then I'll put a second coat on. Tomorrow, we're going to Portland to celebrate my birthday (actually on Saturday) and take Julia to see Sesame Street live. My gig on Friday night cancelled, and that's ok by me. Hope you are having as much fun working as I am not working!

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Sorry I didn't get a chance to visit with Sue. Also, been missing those soulful tunes each morning at work. Oh well, at least you're having a good vacation. Don't worry about us here. sigh.....

Posted by aza @ 12/05/2002 02:08 PM EST

Good for you!! Enjoy your birthday, and your time off!! ;o)

Posted by Maria @ 12/05/2002 09:15 PM EST

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