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12/13/2002 Entry: "Northern Kingdom is the best music store in the world!"

Nothern Kindom Music is the best music store in the world. No doubt. Call them for all your music needs. Drums, guitars, PAs, whatever. They've got it. 207-236-8721. Why do I mention it? Well, because I needed a case for my DJ mixer. They're usually over $100, so I never bothered to get one. Now SKB offers a DJ case in a less expensive model. And Northern Kingdom got it for me for $1 less than the big national "friend to musicians" chain. And did NKM meet the price because I showed them a flyer. Nope. I just flat out asked them. They were already under. And Paddy reports that NKM has a Ibanez bass for $75 less that that other friendly place. See. Northern Kingdom Music on the Rockport / Camden line is the place you need to order.

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And dear old dad will echo billy's endorsement.

Posted by Dad @ 12/13/2002 08:20 PM EST

ive never had good luck at the kingdom. i know you love those guys, but ive never been treated very well there. over the years ive bought a couple basses, amps, strings, etc, and always been treated like i was an inconvenience. now you know me, im a nice guy, im nice to people, people like me. so im not sure why i always got the cold shoulder in there. just thought id share my experiences. for my money, and if im in maine, (and granted i dont shop for dj or drum equipment) ill go to sunburst in bath. that guy often has some great stuff, and is incredibly helpfull, and has always given me deals.

Posted by mlg @ 12/13/2002 10:51 PM EST

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