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12/24/2002 Entry: "Pre-Christmas post"

Man, I could not sleep last night. Tossing and turning--just not feeling sleepy. I was thinking about, and I'm not making this up, Slingerland beavertail lugs on a Radio King. And then I thought "Wait! Beavertails are on Rogers drums!" (Actually, both companies had lugs called Beavertails.) But why? I hadn't had this problem since a couple of weeks ago, when I felt the same way after a DJ gig. Then something hit me: both nights, I had had a can of Diet Pepsi Twist before bed. Coincidence? We shall see...

Here's the Christmas rundown for the Batty household. Supper tonight at my grandmothers (Ma). Candle light service at church. Back to Ma's for presents. Home. Read "The Polar Express" before bed. Sleep. Dream of sugarplums. (Actually, sugarplums dipped in chocolate.) Awake. Stumble for coffee. Sue's parents come to our house. Presents. My parents will stop by to see Julia's loot. Then, to my parents for dinner. More presents. Home. Collapse. I'm with Michelle from Trifles. Seeing people open the gifts you bought for them is the best part.

Have you ever heard the Christmas tradition of the "Meal of the Seven Fishes"? The WOP was going to post about it, as his Italian family does it at his grandmothers every Christmas. It's been a year, and he hasn't gotten the info to me yet. Perhaps fish and tumbleweeds don't mix.

I can tell you about that other snare now. I had someone email me about a Tama rosewood. I made him an offer of $300. He was looking for $500. He listed it on ebay while I was away at a gig, and couldn't make a counter offer. I emailed him and told him I'd give him $435 if he paid the shipping. He declined. Auction ended at $405. I sent another email--"My offer is still on the table." He decided to relist it again. Still no bids.

But don't feel bad I didn't get my dream snare. Perhaps I'll get a Bearing Edge snare instead. I'm already talking to the guy about a Bubinga snare with maybe olive ash hoops. How about an 8" deep bad boy?

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Suagr plums dipped in chocolate!! I never got past that line... mmmmmmmmmm!!!!! ;o)

Posted by Maria @ 12/24/2002 01:01 PM EST

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