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12/28/2002 Entry: "Saturday Morning"

Thanks to Paddy for working my shift today. He wanted some extra hours, and I wanted to sleep late after the gig. I got home about 3:30, and Sue was still up cleaning after Christmas!

Speaking of the gig... Some guy who comes to see us everytime we play this club was there, as always. He satyed about 3 hours, smoking Clove cigarrettes the whole time! Man, can they become annoying fast. One is ok, but three hours worth makes you want to gag!

Woke up this morning (ba-da-da-ba-da!), made breakfast for the girls (ba-da-da-ba-da!). Drank a great big pot of coffee (ba-da-da-ba-da!), and the next line won't rhyme!

Is it too early for bad blues?

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Clove ciggies are awful!! I can't believe anyone smokes them!! They stink so bad!! :op

Posted by Maria @ 12/28/2002 05:03 PM EST

It's always too early for bad blues! :)

Posted by beloved @ 12/28/2002 06:15 PM EST

Clove cigs are much worse for you than normal (just tobacco) ones. I heard once that the entire clove crop of India goes to make cigarettes there. That is all they smoke in that part of the world. So if you go on any blues tours of India then take note on the clove cigs.

Posted by Jim @ 12/30/2002 08:01 AM EST

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