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01/04/2003 Entry: "Octopus Frontier"

Funny. I just posted about Brautigans Octopus Frontier. I decided to check ebay for a copy of June 30th, June30th. Instead, I find this. See, I told you they were big bucks.

Snow up here this morning. Not as bad as they forcasted it though. We'll see what happens the rest of the day. My gig in Portland for tonight cancelled yesterday. The loss of the bucks stinks, but I didn;t want to drive in this weather. I'm actually quite happy.

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For that kind of money, I'll write you a book. Maybe you should ask your boss.

Posted by Dad @ 01/04/2003 03:07 PM EST

I'm glad you got cancelled too. You don't need to be driving in those conditions!

I WISH we could have snow!! How beautiful it must be! :)

Posted by Maria @ 01/05/2003 01:08 PM EST

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