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01/11/2003 Entry: "My day"

We walked into the club last night around 8pm. Already, the place was filled with smoke. It got worse as the night wore on. All of us noticed that notes we could normally sing were out of range. On the second break, I went outside into the 15 degree night. I just couldn't stay in there anymore. I got home, and Susan said "You smell like smoke." This club is always smokey, but when it's cold, the windows and doors stay closed, so there's no fresh air at all. I had to put my coat out on the porch today to air it out. This morning, my head was pounding. After some breakfast, coffee, two ibuprofen, and a shower, it was gone.

Speaking of breakfast: sage sausage, and holes in middle. Julia loves them, as does Sue. They are good, if I say so myself. After breakfast, I did the dishes, and went to the dump. Then I spent a couple of hours at the LAN party my friends had. They are making it a two day event, some of them. Talk about a room full of geeks!

I got two CDs yesterday. I used the Amazon certificate my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew gave me for my birthday. I got one by new bluegrass artists Nickel Creek, and a girl who sounds like a female Burt Bacharach: Sarah Shannon. I heard about both these artists on NPR. Then, I downloaded a couple of tunes from Nickel Creek. I liked what I heard, and bought their cd. See--that's how online trading of music files increases sales. It's not all flat out piracy.

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*Blech* Too bad about the smokey club!! I smoke, but I can't stand being trapped in a room full of it! I smoke outside!

Posted by Maria @ 01/12/2003 10:31 AM EST

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