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01/15/2003 Entry: "Good Morning"

Another good morning post. I figured out the image uploading problem on ebay. It was becaused there was a Mac involved in the process. I had to re-save the files on a PC, and it worked fine. The auction, if you care, is here.

At the office today, we're shooting our first live action TV comemrcial. Of course, those of you living outside of Maine will never see it, but still. Maybe I'll get a copy ripped and post it.

Here's hoping your day rocks Neddick!

Replies: 2 people have rocked the mic!

man, if you got a copy and ripped it, that my friend, would rock neddick

Posted by mlg @ 01/15/2003 10:45 AM EST

Hope your day is awesome too!! :)

Posted by Maria @ 01/15/2003 02:01 PM EST

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