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01/18/2003 Entry: "Me playing drums back in '86"

Last night, Sue went scrapbooking. Our TV is in the shop. So, I moved the VCR upstairs to the bedroom. After supper, Julia and I watched The Jungle Book in bed. After it was over, I put her to bed--around 9:30 maybe. I can't sleep when Sue's not home, so I watched a promtional video on Pearl drums. That was about an hour. So then I watched this old Battle of the Bands tape from '86. The band was Rival, and Kevin Teel was on guitar (and he was already a monster player then) and TJ Kierstead was on bass. (TJ's in the jester hat.) What a hoot! Classic tunes like Bad Co's "Can't Get Enough of Your Love," Van Halen's "Ice Cream Man," and ZZ Top's "Tush." I noticed some things: One, for high school bands (mostly), we had some talent. We were playing as good then as some bar bands are today. And the high school bands I know today have no where near the technical ability we had then. In my opinion, of course. At that battle, we came in third. Second place was another high school band (Pilots on Drugs, or POD) from Lincoln Academy. First place went to Private Toys. These guys were a serious hair metal band from Portland. They had their act down. These guys were professional. In fact, they won the year before too. I bet they felt good, taking that $100 prize away from high school bands.

Something else I noticed: my playing hasn't got that much better in 15 years.

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Hey, you can't improve on perfection, right?? :o)

Hope your weekend is wonderful!!

Posted by Maria @ 01/18/2003 11:13 PM EST

Hi, I am soo computer illiterate took me forever to figure out how to get in touch with you. I have a set of (7) North Drums in great condition with custom cases and extra parts that I would like to sell. Interested? By the way see that you are going on vacation in Florida bring some warm clothes we have been COLD.

Posted by Kamla @ 01/19/2003 12:31 AM EST

I am looking for a set of NORTH DRUMS. If anyone has a set to sell or trade...please contact me. I would also be interested in a set of the similar STACCATO drums. I hope someone can help me.
Bill Leach

Posted by Bill Leach @ 02/04/2003 07:00 PM EST

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