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02/07/2003 Entry: "I'm having a bad night"

Crazy ways to die all portrayed in Legos! A real hoot.

I'm working on an old Apple laptop. I need to learn to say "no" to fixing computers. I always figure "it'll take me x hours to do this if nothing goes wrong." Something always goes wrong! What was supposed to take me 2 hours is going on 5. And I can't in good conscience ask my customer to pick up that tab. If I were a car dealer I could, but I'm not...

Here's an old style Tama Bell Brass snare. These babies are expensive! And rare. And an old one like this is too much for me to bear. Especially in the condition I'm in right now.

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Thanks for the interesting research and info on the 'Ghost'.
My first encounter with one came when we were on the road in Montana in the late sixties, and while visiting some folks we'd met in the club at their farm, our drummer found one left behind in a barn! We both fell in love with the design, and I've been playing them ever since. Fortunately, as you suggested, there seem to be a number of them still floating around, and I grab the good ones as I can........thanks again!
Dave S.

Posted by Dave Sanders @ 02/16/2003 07:25 PM EST

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