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02/14/2003 Entry: "Happy Valentines Day!"

"You have a beautiful and wonderful wife"
--Every fortune cookie I've got in the last 5 years.

Man, is my sweetie fantastic. First, she puts up with me. That's hard enough. On top of that, I'm a musician, which means I'm frequently not home in my "free" time. Take tonight. Valentines day. I have to play at a club 1 1/2 hours away. I won't be home until 3:30 or so tomorrow morning. So how did we celebrate Valentines? We celebrated last night! She made me pork roast with rosemary and garlic, roasted potatoes, and mushrooms Provencal. Boy, where those mushrooms good! Mushrooms sauteed with onions and parsley, then tightened with some bread crumbs. It was like stuffed mushrooms ina casserole. And she made me home made chocolate truffles in a chocolate heart box! Some with coconut, some with white chocolate chunks on the outside, and some with mini chocolate chips on the outside. Fantastic!

And what will I do for her? Other than telling the world on the web what a wonderful woman she is, I am cashing in a favor a local restaurantuer owes me, and taking her to dinner tomorrow night. Kind of an apres Valentines celebration.

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