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03/07/2003 Entry: "Friends, Wontons, Countrymen"

Man, do I have some great friends. Jim got me a special Christmas present. He said he'd buy 2 tickets to whatever jazz show I want, drive there, buy me dinner, two drinks at the show, and stop at a Cinnabons on the ride home for 1/2 dozen. Then the other night, just because he's a friend, he presented me with My Funny Valentine, a Miles Davis piece of vinyl he bought still sealed for me, just because I love the title song so much. Hard to beat that, huh? Then, Harvey called this morning. He said something that meant so much to me, I could hardly believe it. (Sorry I'm not at liberty to tell you what, but it was very, very nice.) And of course you all realize how wonderful my family is--including both sets of parents. It's all just a blessing.

Last night, I made homemade wonton soup. My Aunt Jo used to have me up to cook Chinese food with her when I was, oh, 10 maybe. I learned by wonton rolling method from her. Last night, I of course used no recipe--just throw stuff in the pan, baby. It was awesome, if I do say so myself.

Tonight I'm playing a bit of a pick up gig here in town. In addition to two drummers, we also have a bass and guitar player here at the office. So, were playing someone's birthday party at the local hot spot. A bunch a folks from around town are coming, so it should be fun.

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I have this to say....

People who HAVE good friends, ARE good friends! :)


Posted by Maria @ 03/09/2003 01:23 PM EST

Actually Maria he is a lousy friend.

Just joking of course. Bill is a great friend and I truly had a wonderful time with him at the show Saturday. I can't wait to see his post about the day. I will comment more then.

Posted by Jim @ 03/09/2003 11:20 PM EST

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