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03/18/2003 Entry: "For my wop-ish friend"

When we were visiting Disneyworld, we went to Epcot. In the culture world (or whatever it was called) around back, we stopped to watch the masqurde in Italy. At one of the shops, there was an employee from Genova, Italy. I thought "Too bad my buddy Mike Genova couldn't see this." So, I asked if I could take her picture. She seemed very flattered--as if no one ever presented such a request. I explained that I had a friend whose last name was Gen-O-va. "GEN-o-va" she corrected. "Well, now that he's here (and has been for three or so generations), they've changed how they say their last name." In any event, here she is. If you see her at Epcot, be sure to give her Mike's phone number.

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i love you man

Posted by mlg @ 03/18/2003 11:33 PM EST

oh, and me and the old man were thinking about legally changing our names back to what they were originally. He makes out much better than me with "Luminado de'Genova".

Posted by mlg @ 03/19/2003 10:12 PM EST

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